Our riders sometimes take a moment to tell us about their experience on the ride, here are just a sampling of their reviews

🇺🇸The “Ride for America”, which is an annual event hosted by ALR Post 233, Loganville in remembrance and honor of Veterans that gave their lives. This was my first year and I will do it again! The host of Vendors, ALR, food and of course the endless sea of riders on 2’s & 3’s. There were plenty of cages also. You will never come to this event and not see someone you know! The ride itself was humbling. The route took us from Loganville to Madison ( just shy of 40 miles) through small towns and plenty of rural and farmland territory. The people came out and sat in lawn chairs, golf carts, pickups, parked on the side of the roads as well as RR crossings and yes some stood high up on homemade cherry-pickers. The enjoyment on the children and adult faces. Seeing older Veterans saluting as some stood alone. I cannot give this experience justice in these words. It’s definitely something to experience personally! A ride to remember!🇺🇸 #10thDistrictALR#YouRock#ALR70

” Absolutely amazing! I wanted so badly to participate in Rolling Thunder this year, but was unable to make the trip. Yesterday an acquaintance invited me to join this ride and I must say – it was awesome! As a Post 9/11 Veteran who has lost many comrades in the Global War on Terrorism I felt that this ride really captured the commitment to duty and the sacrifices made by our fallen service-members. Seeing the patriotism as people lined the streets waving American flags warmed my heart ❤️ Thank you so much for the experience and for keeping the memory of those who didn’t make it back strong within each of us. “

“The ride was very organized for such a large crowd. Well done. The highlight was the people lining the roads all the way from Loganville to Madison and back. “

“Such an amazing experience. My wife and I are definitely doing this every year from now on.”

“If you think Patriotism is dead then you should participate in this event. 1300 riders is very impressive but not nearly as impressive as the thousands of Americans that line the streets to show their support and Gratitude to our fallen soldiers. What a great event.”

“It is a honor for me to do this ride each year to show respect for all the brave men and women who gave their all for us. It is a well organized event with great support from law enforcement. I will do this ride as long as I am able. The only con I can think of, the speeches seen to be getting longer each year.”

“It was mine and the wife’s first time it really tugged at the heart we will be back”

“What a great day to celebrate those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom! Considering that there were over 1,300 riders, this was a very well organized group ride.
Thanks to the Loganville American Legion, Law Enforcement and volunteers who made this a wonderful day of remembrance.”

“Over 1200 bikes great day honoring our fallen soldiers. Police escort was great and the city of Madison does a fine job. Look forward to next year.”

“I loved it. I was surrounded by veterans and patriots and bikers.”

“My first motorcycle event ever. Was humbling to see the amount of bikers honoring our fallen, the amount of community supprt shown for the fallen and bikers, the efficiency of the way the whole event is ran.”

“Can’t get anymore American Freedom Riding than this. Had a Great time. Thank you to our fallen. Peace Be Still”

“Awesome ride! This was my first year but I will definitely be back again.”

“Had a blast. Thank y’all so much. Such a huge a ride and it moves flawlessly”

“This a top notch Post with lots of very active members! We have experienced a Saturday night with a live band and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Also we just went on the ‘Ride for America’ which is second only to the DC run! They also have a separate building on their property which supports the local Cub Scouts & Boy Scouts!”

“My husband and I enjoy the time we spend with the people and Friends at the Legion post 233 every year we loved it”

“The Ride For America was a great success and I enjoyed it, it showed how much people have for those that serve, served and lost their lives protecting our country and giving us the right to live. I would like to thank Nicole Love for inviting me to attend this event, thank you.”