RFA 2022… 24 Years Strong!

See the summary of changes for 2022 here.

A Message about RFA 2022

The 24th Ride For America is scheduled for May 30th. I can to tell you that we Patriotic Americans are ready to get out and enjoy Memorial Day and Ride for America.

The last two years were tough for many of us including the families that we support with your Money. 

We can’t see four months into the future and predict what this great nation will be like, but we do feel that herd immunity will be built by you great Americans.  


You spoke and we listened, we have made a few suggested changes and we feel you will be happy with this year’s RIDE FOR AMERICA event with more riding, less speeches, more great door prizes, of course we’ll still have those expensive raffle prizes that everyone loves and looks forward to, and some good ole BBQ when we return.
As always, we will honor our heroes before leaving on our route to lend a wave to the country side’s American Patriots.  The towns along the way are SUPER excited to have us rumble through and show what R.F.A is all about!

The efforts and support needed for our many veterans, our military and their children has not gone away so come on out and support us this year. Please see our sponsor sheet and be sure to thank our sponsors for their support or just maybe consider becoming a sponsor yourself.

The United States of America is the greatest nation in the world, so the Ride For America voluntees belive that we will once again ride with pride and support our Veterans.

We look forward to seeing YOU at Ride For America this MEMORIAL DAY!!! MONDAY, MAY 30, 2022.

CO-FOUNDER – M. Stan Mauldin


The video below gives some background about the ride and has some awesome shots about what it is like to ride. It is a ride worth remembering.

RideforAmerica Vimeo from Beth Garrigal on Vimeo.