RFA May 30th, 2022 Change Summary!

Things that will be the same:

• Gates still open at 7AM with KSU at 9:30 AM

• Still just $10 to ride and $5 for a pillion or sidecar passenger!
• Still an amazing route through the GA countryside!
• Still LEO escorted all the way!
• Still a HUGE ride full of patriotic riders from all over!
• Still big raffle prizes and awesome door prizes!
• Still AMAZING crowd support with flag waving, motorcycle loving, Americans along the route!
• Still great sponsors for a great cause!
• Still a solemn remembrance of our fallen on Memorial Day.
• Still tons of recognition of our veterans and military.
• Still great BBQ and other food at the end of the ride!
• Still one of the most coveted T-Shirts around!
• Still an awesome after-party with giveaways!

• Country roads, winding through some amazingly scenic places!
• Fewer speeches, more riding!